Friday, March 11, 2011

The Naut First Gig

The members that comprised The Naut have been up and down the road to Cork the last 10 years in their various incarnations as Cosmonaut, which made way for The Naut and then split into Slomatics and War Iron.

This set was shot in Giro's in Belfast when they supported Severed Head of State on Saturday May 3rd 2003

They came to Cork later that year to play a gig, which will be the subject of a future blog post. The bar they played was a tsunami of crowdsurfing and general rocking out

They later came back to repeat the treatment at the first Jazz Funeral gig I put on, again the venue went stircrazy, unfortunately the pause button was accidentally hit on the camera that night.
There was another visit in 2004 which was a little less busy but the craic was had nonetheless
And The Naut finished out their Cork visits by doing a one off reformation gig at Doom101 in 2005 at a weeks notice. One hospitalization and one concussion ensued in a crowdsurfing incident gone wrong.


Howlin' Widow said...
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Howlin' Widow said...

That footage is class! Did they put out any vinyl/cds? Love the Slos